Bloke Bike Loop


Choose an unforgettable bike trip along the safe trails set in beautiful nature, which enthrals with its unusual phenomena.

The Bloke Plateau is heaven for bikers and skates. This 33-kilometre trail across Bloke is suitable for biking and rollerblading. The entire trail is paved and is, therefore, also suitable for road bikes. Except for two very short sections on a regional road, the entire trail runs along picturesque and peaceful trails of the Bloke Plateau. Route: Nova vas, where you can admire the village’s wells and the Bloke Skier Museum, you then continue past Nemška vas and arrive in Volčje, where you will find the beautiful Lake Bloke and the Idila Park. The trail takes you past the village of Lahovo, which has only one house, to Ravnik, where you will find the bubbling village well, which has a very deep spring and extremely clean water. You continue through Andrejčje to Malni, where you can take a look at Bočko’s Mill, which is at least 200 years old and is still used to make flour. You then go past the village Lovranovo to Sveta trojica, where you will find the sculpture of Martin Krpan and a baroque church. Just before the village of Ulaka is the Church of St. Nicholas and underneath is a small stream, which is an intermittent spring; one minute if flows normally, then stops suddenly just to spring again after a while. Velike Bloke is home to Napoleon’s Bridge spanning the Bloščica Stream, and you can also see the village wells. You can get food and drink in the Miklavčič Inn and then bike past the starting point in Nova vas to Veliki vrh, Hudi vrh and Metulje back to Nova vas, where you can stop for a delicious meal in two of the local guesthouses.

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