Bike rent at Lake Cerknica

Bike rentals are available with RenttheGreen, who have an innovative way of renting bikes through individual tourist service providers, offering visitors the chance to visit different points of interest within the Green Karst region. RenttheGreen also offers guided bike tours with professional tour...

Avtostil d.o.o.
Partizanska cesta 27
1381 Rakek

45.773533, 14.357508

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Explore the Wondernature is a unique programme for exploring and discovering the natural wonders of karstic Slovenia. With the help of experienced professionals and locals, we will introduce you to the life in the karst landscape and one of the last pieces of wilderness in Europe. Through exclusive...

DMC Green Karst

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Kayak and canoe rent at Lake Cerknica

Renting a kayak on Lake Cerknica is possible with the TUR Servis travel agency in Cerknica. When the lake is full, it is possible to rent a kayak or canoe directly at Lake Cerknica at the information point in the village of Dolenje jezero.

Tur servis d.o.o.
Cesta 4. maja 50
1380 Cerknica

45.773533, 14.357508

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Lake Mola

Lake Mola is a reservoir created in 1979 with the building of a dam on the Molja Stream in the Brkini Hills in order to regulate the water levels of the Reka River. This resulted in the flooding of a few houses, including a mill, the ruins of which can still be seen poking out of the water. The...

Ribiški dom Ilirska Bistric
6250 Ilirska Bistrica

45.542444 , 14.195532

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Mašun Forest Education Trail

Mašun is an old forest settlement in the heart of the vast Snežnik forests. Nearby, weaving its way through the most beautiful parts of the forest, is the Mašun Forest Education Trail. These forests are also referred to as “Park” as they are protected and groomed so that...

45.630701, 14.371309

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Mountain Nanos

Nanos, a high Karst plateau, has for centuries represented the natural border between the continental part of Slovenia and its coastal territory. There are several marked mountaineering and other trails on the slopes of Nanos. Once you reach the top, you can get food and drink from the Vojko Mountain...

45.771774 , 14.053574

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Mountain Snežnik

Snežnik is the highest peak of the Slovenian Karst and also the highest Slovenian mountain outside of the Alps. With its three peaks capped with snow late into spring it can be seen from most of the other mountain peaks in Slovenia. Snežnik itself also offers amazing views of a large chunk of Slovenia,...

45.588313 , 14.447339

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Mountain Sv. Trojica

The Sv. Trojica (Holy Trinity) Hill with its 1123 m proudly towers over the Pivka Basin. Hiking to the top is worth the effort as you are treated to a beautiful view across the entire Pivka Basin and the nearby peaks of Snežnik, Nanos, Vremščica and Planinska gora. On a clear day, it is...

45.724728 , 14.271705

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Postojna Adventure Park

The Postojna Adventure Park allows visitors to experience the forest with the help of specially built climbing installations. It is located just above the Postojna Cave and offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature. You will be able to walk among the treetops, and test your resourcefulness...

Pustolovski park Postojna
Jamska cesta
6230 Postojna

45.780289 , 14.206159

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Seasonal Lakes of Pivka

The Pivka Basin is home to seventeen picturesque seasonal lakes of different sizes and varying degrees of permanence, which attract nature lovers with their mysteriousness and unpredictability. The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka are formed where high Karst waters flood large and small depressions. Here you...

Eko muzej Pivških presihajočih jezer
Slovenska vas 10
6257 Pivka

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Rising above Lake Cerknica at 1114 m above sea level is the Slivnica Hill, which is the home of witches according to local folklore. You can either hike the hill or drive to the top, and it is also a popular take off spot for parachuting and hang-gliding. The top of the witches' home offers you...

45.790000 , 14.407778

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The settlement of Sviščaki is located at the foot of Mt. Snežnik and is a perfect starting point for exploring the High Karst and for walks through the Snežnik forests. Two trails can be found in Sviščaki - the Sviščaki Forest Education Trail and the View of Snežnik Walking...

Planinski dom Sviščaki Sviščaki
Sviščaki 1
6250 Ilirska Bistrica

45.574309 , 14.401081

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The Šilentabor Hill is located between the Košana Valley and the Pivka Basin and represents one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the area. In the past, Šilentabor was of great significance, especially due to its strategic location. From the 15th century onwards, this was the...

45.648878 , 14.208027

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Škocjan Caves

The Škocjan Caves are a unique natural phenomenon, the work of the Reka River, which springs at the foot of Mt. Snežnik and runs across the surface for approximately 55 km. When it reaches the Karst and its limestone ground, its riverbed is no longer deepened solely by erosion, but it starts...

Informacijski center Parka Škocjanske jame
Matavun 12
6215 Divača

45.663137 , 13.989210

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The Alps

The Alps are a mountain system in Central Europe, which stretches all the way from the Gulf of Genoa in Italy to the Danube River near Vienna. They stretch across France, Italy, Austria, Lichtenstein, Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia. The Slovenian Alps consist of three different geographical regions...

Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled
Ljubljanska cesta 27
4260 Bled

46.368901 , 14.118786

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