Krpan Trail on Bloke


Hike this picturesque plateau following in the footsteps of the literary hero Martin Krpan, get to know the cradle of ancient skiing and the amazing folklore of this unspoilt world. 

The Krpan Trail takes you on a 19-km (the longer version is 23 km) circular route, which introduces you to the features of the natural and cultural heritage of the famous Bloke Plateau, which many refer to as the Slovenian Tibet due to its specific weather conditions at the elevation between 720 and 800 m above sea level. Lake Bloke, the blossoming wet meadows, the gorge and river basin of the Iška River, the Bloščica Stream and its meanders, Napoleon’s Bridge in Velike Bloke, the carnivorous sundews and alpine butterwort plants, the old fruit drying facility (pajštba), the monument to the Bloke ox, the many mills, sawmills and churches are just some of the many attractions you will encounter walking across this beautiful landscape.

The last Sunday in April, when the weather is already pleasantly warm, the people of Bloke organise the annual Krpan Hike. It is suitable for all generations as the trail is well-marked and you can choose the length and difficulty of the trail according to your abilities. The hike is usually completed within four to six hours.

At the starting point at Lake Bloke (or at TIC Bloke in Nova Vas, in inns and snack bars), hikers receive a brochure with a map where all of the attractions along the way are marked and described. If you decide to hike the Krpan Trail at the time of the annual hike in April, the organisers will greet you along the trail with warm and cold drinks and homemade snacks, and you also receive a little gift at the starting point.

Towards the end of the trail (the inn in Velike Bloke) or upon your return (the log cabin on Lake Bloke), you can get a warm meal of typical Bloke cuisine – Bloke kohlrabi or pečenice with sauerkraut and pražen krompir. The famous Martin Krpan and his mare stop by to say hello during the event. This Slovene literary hero, who once smuggled precious English salt from the Viennese court to Trieste, lent the hike his name. On the hike you will also learn why the people of Bloke were once important cattle traders. Bloke is also famous for the ancient Bloke skiing. An interesting Bloke Skier Museum dedicated to this special tradition was opened in Nova vas and is worth a visit.

The programme includes:

  • Registration fee for the Krpan Hike on Bloke (only for the organised hike on the last Sunday in April). The fee includes food and drink along the trail, warm snack, small gift from the organisers, brochure
  • Brochure with a map of the Krpan Hike on Bloke (SLO, ENG, GER)
  • Entrance fee for the Bloke Skier Museum
  • Souvenir gift (Krpan salt or T-shirt)
  • Lunch in an inn – optional extra
  • Local tour guide – optional extra (Slovene, English)


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