Gravel camp Green Karst 2022

All about cycling on gravel roads in the heart of Slovenian green forests


14.-16. October 2022; Mašun (Slovenia)


We invite all enthusiasts of gravel cycling (macadam riding) to the first Gravel Camp Green Karst, which is organized in cooperation with local cyclists in Mašun near Ilirska Bistrica (Slovenia). Mašun is an idyllic village, famous for its picturesque little castle remnants, kilometers of empty dusty roads and a cozy guest house with excellent cuisine. The "base of our camp" will be right in the later.


The basic definition of gravel cycling is movement in the embrace of nature, cycling on gravel paths, away from busy traffic roads. Gravel is the fastest growing segment of cycling. Developments are seen in equipment and also an increasing number of competitions approaching the competition level. We will touch on these as well, but our focus will remain on the roots. We will focus on cycling in its purest form – bike and a rider in unforgetable nature with friends. All you need is a flawless gravel bike that can handle the white roads below Snežnik mountain.


Guided gravel bike tours will visit the most interesting and beautiful gravel trails in the surroundings of Snežnik, Mašun, Lake Cerknica, Javorniki hills, Brkini area and the river Reka valley.


You will be cycling with Robi Jenko, one of the first users of the "graveler" of the new era in our country. As the sports director of the mebloJOGI PRO-concrete cycling team, he does a large part of the preparations for road races on the routes around Mašun. In addition to cyclocross competitions, he also participates in MTB marathons, and his perfect day on the bike is cycling on hundreds of kilometers of idyllic macadam roads in the shadow of the Snešnik forests, Brkini, Karst and Notranjska region. He will give the participants of the camp knowledge in the field of training, development of potential and experience from the biggest world competitions, including the Tour 2022.


The second guide will be Klemen Čepirlo, co-organizer of the first gravel race in Slovenia - Dust Lust, currently involved in the development of a premium electric urban bicycle at the Slovenian start-up company Noordung. Klemen participates in various gravel events and assembles his own bikes. His knowledge in the field of equipment is at a very high level, and he will share his experinces regarding technique and bike preparation. Since he himself comes from this area, he knows the area below Snežnik mountain like the back of his hand.







Friday 14/10/2022:


• 9:00 - 10:00:            assembly, accommodation and registration of participants in the Mašun Guest House

• 10.00 - 10.30:          presentation of the activity plan with a snack and coffee

• 11:00 - 17:00:          departure for the first cycling tour (75 km and 1100 meters of altitude) – The first guided cycling tour will take the participants of the gravel camp past the idyllic Snežnik Castle to the largest intermittent lake in the world - Lake Cerknica. Return via Javornik forest and Pivka seasonallakes natural park.

• 17.30:                       snack after the ride

• 18.30:                       Klemen Čepirlo's travel lecture about his participation in long-distance cycling trips and competitions (Carso Trail, Paris-Brest-Paris)

• 20.00:                       dinner



Saturday 15/10/2022:


• 07.30 - 08.30:          breakfast

• 09.00 - 10.00:          presentation of the correct setting of the gravel bike (Robi Jenko and Klemen Čepirlo)

• 10:00 - 16:00:          departure for the second guided tour (65 km and 1,400 meters in altitude) – The second guided tour will take you past the ruins of the Kalc castle through the landscape of the upper Pivka, over Šilentabor with excellent views, to the Prem castle in Brkini above the river Reka . You will end the tour with a climb to the mountain center of Sviščaki and a return to Mašun

• 16.30:                       meal after training

• 17:30.:                      2 km walk along the Mašunska forest trail (optional) or rest

• 18:30:                       lecture by Rok Mikuletič about the coexistence of cyclists and wildlife in the forests of Snežnik. Rok Mikuletič is a top photographer and photo hunter from Ilirska Bistrica. His works stem from his interest and love for nature and are the result of many hours he spends in the forests of the Snežnik Plateau. Rok Mikuletič's lecture will also be open to external guests.

• 20.00:                       dinner




Sunday 16/10/2022:


• 07.30 - 08.30:          breakfast

• 10:00 - 14:00:          departure for the third guided cycling tour (45 km and 1,100 meters of altitude) – Circle around Snežnik. Snežnik is the highest mountain in Slovenia outside the Alps and since 2017 it has been included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List, due to its primeval beech forests. In addition to the exceptional natural environment, Snežnik also offers plenty of stories related to the heritage of the 20th century (forestry, fortification of the Rapalska border, trucking and smuggling...)

• 15.00:                       lunch

• 16:00:                       end of the Gravel kamp Green Karst 2022




Price per person 260 € (early registrations); 300 EUR registrations until 3rd October 2022, 340 EUR late registrations


The price includes:

  • 2 nights at Gostišče Mašun
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day
  • Guiding three predetermined gravel tours with gpx files
  • Gravel workshops with various topics (wheel and suspension settings, proper training, experience in long-distance races)
  • Sharing the experiences of gravel cycling veterans Robi Jenko and Klemen Čepirlo
  • Goodie bag


Minimum number of participants 15

Maximum number of participants 20.


T: 00386 41 941 509

Best time to visit

14.-16. October 2022

What is special


3 days


Price per person 260 € (early registrations until 10.9.2022); 300 EUR (registrations until 3.10. 2022); 340 EUR (late registrations)