Become a karstologist


The karst has been scientifically well researched. Listen to the expert in the Karst Museum and get to know the natural karst phenomena through a very accessible and vivid presentation. All of a sudden, you will start looking at caves differently.

This programme is intended for people who would like to gain a detailed understanding of the karst world. In three hours, you will learn why Postojna is the centre of world karstology and how the most exciting karst phenomenon was formed – the karst cave, which is nowadays admired by millions of tourists who visit the Postojna Cave, the Škocjan Caves, the Križna Cave, the Planina Cave and others.

After your welcome in the town of Postojna, which boasts five important “institutions” connected with the Karst – the world-famous Karst Research institute ZRC SAZU and the Postojna Cave, the EXPO Postojna Cave Karst Museum, the Vivarium and the Karst Museum – a guide will lead us towards our first stop, the Notranjska Museum, which is home to the new, in-depth and dynamic permanent exhibition the “Karst Museum”. In a little more than an hour, the curator will take you through the exciting past and presents the key factors which made the formation of the karst possible. We will devote special attention to the most attractive karst phenomenon – karst caves. The mysterious subterranean expanses are presented as the refuges of Ice Age animals, the homes of our ancestors, the hiding places of secret treasures and as a big inspiration for modern man and his adventures in the area of sports and cave research. We will finish off this educational and fun walk with the tasting of karstic dishes made from locally sourced food at the Smrekar Homestead near Postojna.

The programme includes:

  • Entrance fee and guided tour of the Karst Museum
  • Tasting of karstic dishes at the Smrekar Homestead
  • Local tour guide (Slovene, English)


DMO Zeleni kras
Prečna ulica 1
6257 Pivka

T: 00386 5 7212 249

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3 hours


2 persons: 50,00 €/pp; 4 persons: 39,00 €/pp; 6 persons: 32,00 €/pp; 8 persons: 28,00 €/pp