Notranjska Regional Park

The Notranjska Regional Park lies within the borders of the municipality of Cerknica and covers an area of around 222 km2. The highlight of the park is Lake Cerknica - the largest seasonal lake in Europe. The park preserves, protects and researches the natural and cultural treasures of this area, which is marked by a high level of preservation of natural ecosystems, numerous natural monuments and an incredible diversity of life. On the other hand, the park boasts a recognisable cultural landscape, which was shaped by a long-term and quality interaction of man and nature.

The diversity of ecosystems enabled the development of various species of land, swamp and water plants and wildlife. Here, we can admire three quarters of all the species of butterflies, two thirds of all the species of birds and three quarters of all the species of amphibians found in Slovenia. The Cerknica Field with its seasonal lake is one of the most important areas for the life of plants and animals in Slovenia.

The lake's seasonal nature gives a certain charm to the entire landscape, which changes from day to day. Its biggest floods and periods when water is only found in the riverbeds give this landscape a unique mark. The Notranjska Park and Lake Cerknica can be explored and experienced in many different ways: with a guided walk, guided bike tour or with a canoe trip.


Javni zavod Notranjski regijski park
Tabor 42
1380 Cerknica

T: 00386 1 709 36 36


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