Art Holiday in Nature

Painting for the Lynx

Artists have always used their work to express their connection with nature. This is very much also the theme of our art-tour. Through our work, we intend to tell the story of lynx in Slovenia, its living area, its habits and its struggle for survival. At the same time, our art-tour is an opportunity to practice our art-skills in the Slovenian forests, which are the living area of the lynx!


This tour is set up in the framework of project LIFE Lynx, which aims to prevent the extinction of lynx in Slovenia through population reinforcement and long-term conservation activities. You will meet the large carnivore experts and your artwork will become part of the local art exhibition, organized to present different opportunities that the presence of large carnivores offers to local communities.


What do you need: art supplies like paintbrushes, if you like (please note that we will also arrange art supplies including paint and canvasses for you), camera, hiking shoes, sun hat, waterproof sportswear, tick repellent.


Highlights: painting in the pristine nature with your tutor, learn about coexistence with large carnivores through your art, the presence of predators and other wild animals, large carnivore experts.


Nature-friendly practices:

  • 5% of profit for each program booked through Discover Dinarics portal goes to environmental NGO
  • Staying at bear friendly accommodation ARS VIVA
  • Learning about effective protection of livestock and beehives from large carnivores



  • Price: from 1.095 EUR per person (price may change according to the number of participants).
  • Date: 10 – 17 July 2019
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Physical difficulty: low
  • Suitable for individuals, couples, small groups: painters of all levels of experience
  • Season: April to October
  • Location: Podcerkev, Cerknica
  • Maximum group size: 8

For detailed daily programme visit official website 


T: +38657212249

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Best time to visit

10 – 17 July 2019

What is special

Painting with academic painter and experiencing nature with the expert guides


8 days


from 1.095 EUR per person