Explore the Wondernature is a unique programme for exploring and discovering the natural wonders of karstic Slovenia. With the help of experienced professionals and locals, we will introduce you to the life in the karst landscape and one of the last pieces of wilderness in Europe. Through exclusive experiences and discovering natural phenomena in unconventional ways, you will create unforgettable memories and meet new acquaintances.


Why did we develop the EXPLORE THE WONDERNATURE programme?

The basic premise for the development of a new programme that visits karstic Slovenia is the fact that you cannot find such a fantastic combination of the mysterious underground and vibrant pristine forests anywhere else in the world. Nowhere else is this miracle of nature so close to large urban European centres, so accessible but so wild and unspoilt.

Its peculiar and unfathomable nature has sparked interest and stirred imagination for ages. The research of the seasonal Lake Cerknica was the reason Janez Vajkard Valvasor, one of the first scientific researchers from the area of modern-day Slovenia, was elected into the Royal Society in London in 1687. The incredible quantity and diversity of karst phenomena in this area lead to the birth of a special new branch of science that studies stone and water – karstology. After all, it was the Slovenian Karst that lent its name to all similar geological formations across the world.

Water, stone, forests, fauna and flora are the main protagonists in the story of the karst world which is tied together by humans. The locals have been living in this unforgiving environment for millennia, but they treat the natural and cultural landscape with respect. They are more than happy to share their experiences, customs and traditions that emanate from this respect with visitors who share the same values.

Who is the EXPLORE THE WONDERNATURE programme for?

The EXPLORE THE WONDERNATURE programme is not for everyone. It does not address a wider audience, but only those visitors who cherish nature and really want to get to know it. In the modern world, filled with a digitalised lifestyle, people search for ways to escape the suffocating reality. Nature in its essence offers everything that a person needs to unwind and regenerate.

The EXPLORE THE WONDERNATURE programme thus addresses people’s basic needs for movement in nature, sparks their interest in exploring new parts of the world, and satisfies the desire for adventurous experiences and meeting new and different people and cultures. It is designed for modern explorers who accept nature in its purest state and extract from it new knowledge, inspiration and energy.

What does the EXPLORE THE WONDERNATURE programme include?

Zgodba EXPLORE THE WONDERNATURE nas vodi po poti naravnih čudes, ki jih je v kamnu ustvarila voda. Pot poteka skozi divje gozdove, v globine podzemlja, po presihajočih jezerih, kraških travnikih,  čez visoke kraške planote in na vrhove planin. V spremstvu strokovno usposobljenega vodnika, ki vas spremlja ves čas trajanja programa, spoznavate različne elemente zgodbe. EXPLORE THE WONDERNATURE je skrbno sestavljen mozaik posameznih doživetij in zgodb, ki obiskovalcu ponuja edinstveno izkušnjo naravnega okolja.

The story of EXPLORE THE WONDERNATURE takes us on a path of natural wonders that were created in stone by water. It takes us through wild forests, into the depth of the underground, across seasonal lakes, karst meadows, over high karst plateaus and to the tops of mountains. Accompanied by an expert guide, who is with you throughout the entire programme, you will be introduced to the different elements of the story. EXPLORE THE WONDERNATURE is a carefully designed mosaic of individual experiences and stories which provides the visitor with a unique experience of nature.

The programme includes visiting points of interest in an unusual way and off the beaten path. It takes you where only the locals would usually go and where you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the karst landscape. Moving across the terrain we will listen to the pure sounds of nature, see wild animals in their natural habitat, discover the UNESCO heritage of primeval beech forests, look for facts in myths and legends, enter underground caves and discover karst phenomena on the surface. We will visit these locations on foot, by bike and/or canoe. Each of the designated stops will include meeting one of the specialised experts (hunter, mountaineer, forester, speleologist, ornithologist, boatman, artisan, etc.). We will experience first-hand what has excited explorers for centuries and motivated them to live and work in this rocky world. The stories of these individuals will help put together a mosaic of karstic Slovenia.

The programme is designed in a way that makes it possible to choose the desired points of interest in any order based on the season and the visitor’s preference.


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Best time to visit

Spring and Autumn

What is special

Discovering unexplored corners of Slovenia