Wild Food Festival Green Karst

Date: 06 May 2024

Getting to know edible wild plants, connecting catering providers, transferring knowledge and raising awareness among residents about the benefits and use of wild food will be the focus of the Wild Food Festival Green Karst. After a lecture on edible and wild plants for the general public and three educational workshops for catering providers, the festival will conclude on May 18 with a culinary experience, a POP-UP dinner "Wild food on a plate" in the Military History Park (PVZ) in Piva. The organizers - RRA Zeleni Kras, Postojna Hospitality and Tourism Association and Visit Postojna want to comprehensively address the culinary offer of the Green Karst destination.




Saturday, 11/05/2024 - Edible and wild plants

Jože Podboj, consultant determinator and a great connoisseur of edible wild plants and mushrooms, will introduce us to edible wild plants during the lecture, which we will also be able to see and learn about their preparation. Members of the Pudgura Tourist Association will prepare some "wild" dishes, which visitors wiil be able to try. 

At Bistro Perspektiva (Veliki otok 44b, Postojna) we held three EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS FOR CATERERS.

Monday, May 13, 2024 - Wild food with chef Marko Pavčnik

Marko Pavčnik has successfully implemented his passion for wild food into the daily offer of Restaurant Pavus - Grad Tabor Laško. He is firmly convinced that it is precisely wild food that gives variety and diversity to his plates, and he himself is an inspiration.

It is an active cooking course where participants will learn everything about:

  • collecting, using and storing wild plants,
  • the dangers of using wild food and how to avoid them,
  • how to combine wild food with other foods and raw materials.

Marko will bring freshly picked wild plants to the workshop, from which the participants, under his guidance, using various cooking techniques, will cook two starters, one main course and one dessert and, of course, eat them. He will announce what will be cooked two weeks before the workshop, when he will see what nature will offer at that time.

More information at www.pavus.si 



Tuesday, 14/05/2024 - Wild game with Matík

Matjaž Erzar is a hunter and chef, culinary correspondent of the magazine Hunter and author of the book "Venison". In 2001, he opened his inn Pr' Matičku, where (depending on the time of year) he offers elk, deer, bear, chamois...

At the workshop, he will present the course and preparation of venison dishes - from slaughtering, the hygiene process of the venison meat, explain everything about ripening, show the skinning and cutting of a piece of venison, and entrust the participants with small secrets and good practices and recipes. Participants will prepare some dishesunder his guidance. What exactly he wil bring depends on what he catches at that time, because the hunting season is just starting. He will also give some statistics on venison and the production of cured meats, if the listeners so desire.

More information: http://www.prmaticku.si/


Wednesday, 15/05/2024 - Educational demonstrative workshop of vegan and healthy nutrition

Erik Božič, Bistro Maha & Maha integrative medicine, Ljubljana

Erik Božič is an award-winning chef with international experience. He led and participated in the opening and development of projects/restaurants in England, France, Monaco, Italy and Spain. He specializes in sustainable and plant-based cuisine, and has also gained some personal cooking experience with HNWI clientele. Currently, he focuses more on the development of nutrition programs and consulting work, both in terms of food preparation and business-strategic.

Content of the workshop:

  • understanding and design of plant-based nutrition within regular menus (theoretically, through all aspects: communication-marketing, business, and "hands-on" in the kitchen)
  • demonstration of practical and economical dishes and recipes - more traditional, home cooking, current trends from abroad (practical demonstration)
  • the philosophy of sustainable cuisine and the economics of business with niche services within the hospitality sector (awareness around organic waste, creative ways to reduce the latter, practices of cooperation with farmers according to my experience from abroad)

More information:

Erik Božič


Bistro Maha


POP-UP dinner "WILD FOOD ON A PLATE" An unforgettable culinary experience WILD FOOD FESTIVAL GREEN KARST was held in a very special location this time, in the Park of Military History Pivka (Kolodvorska 51, 6257 Pivka) on Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 6 p.m.

A 5-course wilf food themed menu will be prepared by four caterers of the Zeleni kras destination.

Sourdough Burger »Drožburger« (Oštarija Bolk)

Pie with pike and wild greens (Bistro Štorja)

Wild garlic ravioli (EkoTurizem Hudičevec)

Wild catch (Florjan Žnidaršič)

A walk in the forest (Bistro Štorja)


The dishes were accompanied by top-quality selected Pasji rep wines from the Vipava Valley.

 The price of the culinary experience was 69 euros per person.


 Organizators: RDA Green Karst, Association for Hospitality and Tourism Postojna and Visit Postojna