The settlement of Sviščaki is located at the foot of Mt. Snežnik and is a perfect starting point for exploring the High Karst and for walks through the Snežnik forests. Two trails can be found in Sviščaki - the Sviščaki Forest Education Trail and the View of Snežnik Walking Path, which present visitors with two of the highlights of this forest area. The forest education trail is intended for understanding the role of the forest and the processes that happen there. The wild beasts of the Snežnik forests are also presented, and the connection of the plants and the wildlife. There is also a mountain hut in Sviščaki, which offers visitors warm local food and a place to socialise. The hut has a dorm room with 11 beds. In winter, Sviščaki is a great choice for snow enthusiasts and it keeps children busy with a sledding area. In summer, the forests provide a wonderful shade that shelters you from the heat and it is a great starting point for bike trips from Sviščaki to Mašun, the Lož Valley, Lake Cerknica and the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka. Sviščaki is also the main starting point for hikes to Mt. Snežnik and the spot where many hiking trails converge, such as the Via Dinarica and the E6 European long-distance path.


The mountain hut is closed on Tuesdays


Planinski dom Sviščaki Sviščaki
Sviščaki 1
6250 Ilirska Bistrica

T: 00386 51 219 799

45.574309 ,14.401081

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