The Šilentabor Hill is located between the Košana Valley and the Pivka Basin and represents one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the area. In the past, Šilentabor was of great significance, especially due to its strategic location. From the 15th century onwards, this was the site of one of the largest anti-Turkish fortifications in Slovenia, but only written sources now attest to the existence of this monumental complex. 50 rooms and granaries provided refuge for the villagers who needed protection from the Turks and other bandits, and the castle also played a role in the peasant uprisings in the 17th century, when the rebellious peasants took over the castle and only surrendered after a long siege. It was here that the last battle of the Slovene Peasant Revolt took place, and the castle has been decaying slowly ever since. The ruins were completely demolished by the French soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars. Today, Šilentabor is part of the Circular Trail of Military History, while the museum collection in the Park of Military History Pivka displays a model of the anti-Turkish fortress.


45.648878 ,14.208027

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