Fishing in the Green Karst


Have you ever fished in a river that sinks or a lake that disappears underground? Where are some of the best places in the world for fly fishing and where can you catch a capital carp? The Green Karst offers that and much more.

Slovenia is famous for being a water-rich country. The water surface of Slovenia’s rivers and lakes is large enough to flood the entire city of Paris. More than 45 rivers and many lakes with their different characters present an idyllic environment for all fans of fishing.

The 7-day all inclusive fishing in the Green Karst is a programme, which offers fishermen a complete experience of the Karst's watercourses and limitless fun while fishing. It includes fishing permits, accommodation, local cuisine and transfers from accommodation to fishing locations. It provides carefree enjoyment of your favourite fishing on lakes Klivnik and Mola, the seasonal Lake Cerknica and the Reka and Unica sinking rivers.

Artificial lakes Klivnik and Mola in the heart of the Brkini Hills are real undiscovered gems for all fishing enthusiasts. Here you will be able to enjoy fishing for zander and trout in the shade of the green trees and finish the day with carp and pike fishing, which reach great sizes in these lakes.

The Reka River, the longest Karst sinking river, created the world-famous Škocjan Caves with its course and power. The caves are where the river sinks into the largest underground canyon in the world. Among fishermen, the Reka River is especially famous for the many species of fish, including the native Soča trout.

The second Karst sinking river, which is also part of the Ljubljanica River, is the Unica River. With its typical bends and meanders, it begins its journey on the Planina Field. This is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, one of the most preserved Karst fields, which gets completely flooded at high water by the subterranean springs. Fly fishermen agree that the Unica River is among the best grayling waters in the world as the fish have excellent living conditions here. During the annual floods, their habitat increases greatly in size and the fish, therefore, receive an additional food source for their growth.

Lake Cerknica is one of the world-famous attractions of the Slovenian Karst. The abundant autumn rain fills the karst field with water and creates the largest lake in Slovenia. The flooded meadows are an ideal spawning ground for pike, tench and chub, and also provide food for their fries and fingerlings. At the onset of summer, the water retreats into the riverbed, which greatly increases the concentration of fish. This makes for incredibly good fishing. The main fish for sport fishing is pike, but the lake is also home to capital carp, where catches of more than 10-kg fish are no rarity.

The programme includes:

  • 6 x overnight half board (accommodation on local farm stays, B&Bs, typical local cuisine for dinner)
  • 6 x lunch pack (packs include various cured meats and cheeses, homemade bread and drinks)
  • Fishing permits for the entire week (Lake Klivnik, Lake Mola, Reka River, Lake Cerknica, Unica River)
  • Transfers to fishing spots on the itinerary
  • The programme can be complemented with other programmes. We recommend combining it with the Green Karst in three days. This way you will be able to combine your passion for fishing with exploring the highlights of the Green Karst destination


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Best time to visit

april to november

What is special

In one week visit 5 hotspots for fishing in the Karst and enjoy fishing for pike, carp, trout and zander.


6 nights / 7 days


2 persons: 1.040,00 €/pp; 4 persons: 880,00 €/pp; 6 persons: 790,00 €/pp; 8 persons: 735,00 €/pp