Sleeping in the wilderness under the starry sky


Choose and exciting and unforgettable experience. Sleeping in the wilderness is a special experience that you never forget.

The forest comes alive in all of its magical power in the evening hours. In silence, we notice the peace, authenticity, timelessness and, at the same time, we can enjoy the multitude of sounds of the wildlife. The Green Karst destination is famous for its incredible diversity of the animal world, which reveals its magic at night time. It is then that the frog calls from Lake Cerknica can be heard in the distance, the distant howls of the wolves and the sounds of forest creatures moving through the undergrowth.

This incredible acoustic experience is accompanied by a backdrop of thousands of stars and shooting stars that light the night sky. Spending the night under the stars reaches its climax with the sunrise and the early morning light, which once again brings light into nature and fills us with natural energy.

This experience is suitable for everyone who enjoys a genuine connection with nature. It is suitable for a group of 2-6 and lasts from 6 PM to 8 AM. The activity runs from May to October and is cancelled in the event of bad weather. Accompanying you the entire time is an experienced local guide who ensures your safety and presents all the typical features of the forest environment where you will be spending the night. The activity takes place in an authentic forest at an amazing location with a view of Lake Cerknica and the surrounding hills. It is a 30-min walk to the campsite and you should be equipped with the following:

 - Sleeping bag (also possible to rent)

 - Suitable clothing

 - Hiking shoes

 - Backpack food (dinner and breakfast).

Apart from sleeping in nature under the stars, you can also plan a visit to the natural Karst gems in the immediate surroundings. There, you will find the Križna Cave with its subterranean lakes, Lake Cerknica, where you can enjoy kayaking or biking, and Mt. Snežnik, which offers unforgettable views of Kvarner, the Gulf of Trieste and the entire territory of Slovenia.

The programme includes:

  • outdoor overnight in a forest environment
  • professional guidance
  • accident insurance


DMO Zeleni kras
Prečna ulica 1
6257 Pivka

T: 00386 5 7212 249

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Sleeping in the wilderness in the middle of the forest underneath a starry sky


14 hours (6 PM – 8 AM)


35,00 €/person (up to 6 pax), sleeping bag rental 5€/person