The Green Karst truly is a place of curious experiences. In the months of April and May, the vast forests are home to a special plant known as “bear’s garlic”. The scent of wild garlic fills the air and attracts people who value natural foods and love healthy dishes to pick this invaluable plant.

In cooperation with providers of local cuisine, we have prepared a themed weekend getaway for those who would like to experience wild garlic in many different ways. The programme includes 2 overnights at selected farm stays, guided wild garlic foraging in a natural environment and culinary experiences in the guesthouses of the Green Karst. You will head for the forest in the early morning hours with wild garlic foragers and learn how to distinguish wild garlic from poisonous plants and all the things you need to be really careful about when foraging for wild garlic. Your host will introduce you to the local recipe for a healthy breakfast based on wild garlic and you will prepare a delicious feast. The programme will also take you to local providers, where you will enjoy the tastes of local delicacies, and in your free time, you will be discovering the features of the Green Karst.

The highlight of the experience is definitely the wild garlic menus available at selected eateries. Four providers have compiled exclusive 3-course menus based on wild garlic that will be available either for lunch or dinner.

The programme is all-inclusive and it will allow you to learn about the particularities of wild garlic dishes, discover the hidden gems of the Green Karst and forge new friendships with the locals, walking away with invaluable experiences.


Did you know:

  • Legend has it that “bear’s garlic” got its name because of the brown bear, which lives in this part of Slovenia. Since this was often the first source of food available after its long winter hibernation, the tasty plant supposedly replenished their vitality and strength.
  • Wild garlic is one of the healthiest wild plants. It is used extensively in folk medicine as it boosts blood circulation, cleanses the pulmonary organs as well as the digestive system as it is effective against worms. It also cleanses the skin – it heals rashes and eczma, and wild garlic juice supposedly also speeds up the healing of wounds. It also works against asthma, lowers cholesterol levels, accelerates urin drainage from the body and brings down fever.
  • Wild garlic has many lookalikes – similar-looking poisonous plants. Some of these are extremely poisonous: false hellebore, meadow saffron and lilly of the valley; in the worse case scenario, they can cause death.






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