SNEŽNIK – “UNESCO heritage of beech forests on Snežnik Mountains”

SNEŽNIK – “UNESCO heritage of beech forests on Snežnik Mountains”

We offer you the chance to discover and explore the territory listed as

UNESCO World Heritage.


Snežnik (1796 m)

Snežnik Mountain, or “White Mountain” as it was known to the Romans, is a mountain that lies in the transitional area between the Adriatic Sea and the European continent. It is Slovenia’s highest mountain outside of the Alps. The forests of Snežnik Mountains are an immense closed forest area that lies between the coastal territories and inland Slovenia. The vast environment of interesting karst features and phenomena with diverse habitats is dominated by Dinaric beech forests and fir-beech forests. They are home to many different species of animals, the most notable being the wild beasts (brown bear, wolf, lynx), deer and chamois. The Snežnik-Ždrocle area represents ancient beech forests with sections containing primeval forests. Due to the specific conditions created by the proximity of the sea and the high altitude of the Snežnik Mountain, the beech forms the upper tree line and attests to the power of survival in the most extreme conditions. In 2017, this area was inscribed onto the UNESCO World Heritage List.



Trip description:

The trail is circular. It starts at the northern slope of Snežnik Mountain, at an elevation of approximately 1300 m. The first metres of the ascent will be quite steep as we will walk along the edge of a remote forest reserve, which was shaped by the brute force of the glaciers descending from the top of the mountain 10.000 years ago. We will observe and explore karst phenomena (lapies, limestone pavements, dolines, collapse dolines) and the remains of glacial processes (moraines, striated boulders, snow dolines and patterned ground).

From the foothills of Gašperjev hrib, we will follow a hiking trail through the heart of the forest reserve and, along the way, we will identify animal tracks, discover plants in the undergrowth underneath the beech canopies, observe the unusual shapes of beech trees that have fought for survival in extreme mountain conditions and listen to the whispers of the vast beech forests stretching far into the distance.

We will reach the summit of Snežnik Mountain after a good 3 hour hike full of exploration. In favourable weather conditions, the summit will offer us a beautiful view and a light meal from locally sourced ingredients. You will also have half an hour of free time at the summit to spend at your leisure.

Descending back to the starting point, we will once again wander off the hiking trail under Gašperjev hrib; we will follow forest tracks and roads in search of dormouse dwellings in the trees and the ground, we will encounter the remains of the former Rapallo Border between Italy and Yugoslavia, and we will be able to observe the natural processes in primeval beech forests, unspoilt by human activity.



Starting point:

We will meet in the parking lot in the park in front of Snežnik Castle in the municipality of Loška dolina at 8 AM. From there, we will drive to the starting point in the Snežnik Mountains where we will leave our vehicles and continue on foot. The drive to the starting point of the hike takes 30 min.

Hiking destination: Drago Karolin mountain hut under the summit



Length (km): 12 km



  • Meeting point - Starting point: 30 min
  • Starting point - Snežnik: 3 hours
  • Light meal at the summit (mountain hut) and free time (if the mountain hut is closed, the organiser provides a packed lunch): 1 hour 15 min
  • Return to starting point: 2 hours 30 min
  • Starting point – meeting point: 30 min
  • Lunch at Snežnik Castle: 1 hour 15 min
  • TOTAL: 8– 8,5 HOURS 



Some sections of the hiking trail are quite difficult and the trip is only suitable for physically well-prepared hikers. The trail is not exposed, but is longer than the “classic” Snežnik Mountain hike from Sviščaki. The entire return trail is technically easier, some sections require extra care due to the danger of slipping (branches, rocks, mud). We recommend trekking poles. Hiking boots are mandatory.



Programme includes:

Professional guidance and heritage interpretation.

Light meal in the Drago Karolin mountain hut under the summit or packed lunch (provided by Lilijana Mahne, dopolnilna dejavnost na kmetiji).

Lunch from local self-supply and interpretation of the culinary heritage of Notranjska (provided by Lilijana Mahne, dopolnilna dejavnost na kmetiji).



2 persons – 100.00 EUR per person

3-5 persons – 70.00 EUR per person

6-8 persons – 50.00 EUR per person

9-10 persons – 40.00 EUR per person



The programme is conducted in groups consisting of a minimum of 2 to and a maximum of 10 people.

It is suitable for physically well-prepared hikers. It is not suitable for children under the age of 12.

If you have a medical condition or any other issues, we ask you to inform the organiser beforehand.

In case of extremely bad weather (heavy rain) or other events beyond the control of the organiser, the programme is cancelled or rescheduled. Customers will be informed of the cancellation at least 12 hours before the start of the trip. Any amount already paid will be reimbursed within 7 working days of the cancellation.


Društvo dolomitne lutke

Bloška Polica 9

1384 Grahovo


tel.: 00386 40 739 449


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Best time to visit

From Spring to Autumn

What is special

UNESCO World heritage and views from the highest mountain in this part of Slovenia


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