Mašun Forest Education Trail

Mašun is an old forest settlement in the heart of the vast Snežnik forests. Nearby, weaving its way through the most beautiful parts of the forest, is the Mašun Forest Education Trail. These forests are also referred to as “Park” as they are protected and groomed so that they can be admired by all visitors and lovers of unspoilt nature. Part of the Mašun Education Trail follows the Trail of Princess Anna to Anna's Rock, where you are treated to a surprising view of the northern slopes of the 1796-metre-high Mt. Snežnik. Underneath Anna's Rock there is a genuine bear's lair, which you can see walking along the education trail. The trail is 1.7 km long and takes around 45 min to complete. It features 7 information boards and the entire trail is marked with circles with red and white stripes. It is suitable for anyone able to walk across varied forest surfaces, and light hiking footwear is recommended. The highlights are definitely the views of Snežnik from Anna's Rock, seeing the bear's lair and talking over the tree telephone.


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