Lake Cerknica

Lake Cerknica and its regular disappearances and re-emergences caught the eye of researchers already in the 17th century and has been researched and marvelled upon ever since. Lake Cerknica is one of the best starting points for nature lovers and people who enjoy exploring the mysteries of the Karst world. The lake and its surroundings provide wonderful motifs for professional and amateur photographers, ornithologists and lovers of outdoor activities. Spring and autumn is when the lake is full and that is when it is possible to rent a kayak and canoe and enjoy the tranquil nature and paddling across the surface of Slovenia's largest lake. Bike rentals are available throughout the year, which will help you to reach the nearby and slightly more distant spots in the area - Rakov Škocjan, Slivnica - the witches’ mountain, and the unique Križna Cave. Do not miss the stories told by the annually recurring emergences of Lake Cerknica.


Notranjski regijski park
Tabor 42
1380 Cerknica

T: 00386 1 709 36 36


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