Lake Bloke Glamping

The Lake Bloke Glamping is situated at an incredible natural location on the Bloke Plateau, at the edge of Lake Bloke and surrounded by the idyllic forests of Notranjska. Staying in wooden tents with comfortable beds, nicely maintained common grounds with a dining area and bathroom, and the idyllic surroundings featuring wooden sculptures makes for a glamorous camping experience filled with the energy of homeliness. A wooden cabin by the lake serves local food and grilled food. Nearby you will find a unique wooden playground for children. This land with a varied landscape, known as the cradle of skiing in Central Europe, offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities: biking, hiking, horse riding, fishing, and snowkiting and cross-country skiing in the winter. You can learn about the rich cultural heritage of this amazing plateau in the modern Bloke Skier Museum.


Every day from May to October, weekends and public holidays all year round.


Glamping Bloško jezero
Volčje 97
1385 Nova vas

T: 00386 41 847 821


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