Križna Cave

Križna Cave is one of the most beautiful water tourist caves in Slovenia. 22 emerald lakes are connected by a crystal-clear subterranean stream, side tunnels are strewn with prehistoric cave bear bones, and based on the number of different species of cave animals, Križna Cave ranks among the richest caves in the world!

Križna Cave is the seventh longest cave system in Slovenia. Man has been visiting the cave since the Neolithic, but even earlier than that, the now-extinct cave bear was master of the cave. You will never forget walking down the path used by cave bears for thousands of years and paddling across the lakes in the Karst underground!

The magical appeal of Križna Cave is its lakes. Up to seven metres deep, these subterranean lakes were formed behind flowstone barriers.



Društvo ljubiteljev Križne jame
Bloška polica 7
1384 Grahovo

T: 00386 41 632 153


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