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Slovenia Green – sustainable tourism providers from Green Karst


The Green Karst destination pursues sustainable principles and encourages managers of tourist attractions and owners of tourist facilities to behave more sustainably. In 2019 and 2020, we acquired two users of the world-renowned Green Key logo, namely:
• Pension Miriam
• Notranjska Museum Postojna

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EXPLORE WITH US - Summer 2019


We have prepared guided experiences of the Green karst destination. From 15.6.2019 until 18.8.2019 you can take part in one of the activities listed below. These include guided tours of the disappearing lakes, museum visit, visits to the little karst villages, tastings of local products and guided walking and cycling tours.

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Pust is here carnival in Ilirska Bistrica


Pust represents a symbolic farewell to winter and the longing for the arrival of spring; merriment, mischief and plenty represent the allure of the Pust festivities.

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Culinary weekend in the Green Karst for families


A short holiday in the countryside of the Green Karst offers you accommodation at great farm stays, a taste of local home-made cooking and an opportunity to discover the wonders of the karst.

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TOP 10 Instagram places in Slovenia


Slovenia is really one of the hidden gems in Central Europe. Its location in the middle of the high Alps, the Balkans, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pannonian Plain gives it a unique character that you can`t find anywhere else. It is a perfect combination of wild nature and specific cultural features, which offer a million possibilities for photography.

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Koper with a twist


In 2017, Koper was awarded the EDEN (European Destination of Excellence) Award in the category of cultural tourism. The Slovenian Tourist Organisation holds an annual competition, where Slovenian destinations compete for the title of European Destination of Excellence. The Green Karst took part in this competition in 2013 in the category of accessible tourism and won the title of EDEN finalist.

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Ljubljana Castle


The Ljubljana Castle and its form above the historic old town stir the imagination of anyone visiting our capital city of Ljubljana. The castle has an interesting history ranging from prehistoric times onwards, and today the castle’s premises house numerous exhibitions, which shed light on the history of the area and Slovenia.

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Lipica Stud Farm


The Lipica Stud Farm is famous for being one of the oldest stud farms in Europe, and is especially known as the birthplace of the noble horse breed – the Lipizzaner. These horses are famous for their intelligence and diligence. As the locals like to say, they also exhibit a bit of that old karstic stubbornness, which is characteristic of the inhabitants of this rocky landscape. Because of their character, the Lipizzaners are the basis of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and the pride of riders all around the world.

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Škocjan Caves – UNESCO heritage worth visiting


The Škocjan Caves are a natural wonder of immense value on a global scale, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, Mount Everest, etc.

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