Cycling map Green Karst

The destination Green Karst published a printed cycling map Green Karst.

The map contains cycling routes that connect the entire area of ​​the destination. From this point of view, the publishing of the map is important as it allows cyclists to explore the entire destination. It includes the areas of municipalities of Bloke, Cerknica, Ilirska Bistrica, Loška dolina, Pivka and Postojna, which are intertwined with paths in the incredible karst nature and enable recreational cycling in undiscovered corners of Slovenia. The printed cycling map thus enables exploration and simplifies organisation in unknown places, as most cycling routes in nature are still unmarked. The advantage of the Green Karst cycling map is that the user can compose and combine different routes with each other.

The map at a scale of 1: 65,000 contains 23 routes, which are presented with graphs of heights and routes. Cycling is divided into difficulty levels and topics, and the routes are suitable for all types of cyclists - from MTB enthusiasts to recreational cyclists and families with children. The marking of the route on the cycling map indicates the type of surface (the solid line represents the asphalt surface, and the dashed line the macadam surface) which makes it easier for cyclists to plan the route according to their preferences.

In order to promote the tourist offer of the Green Karst, the map presents all the main tourist attractions in the region such as museums, castles, underground caves, intermittent lakes and other natural karst phenomena with descriptions and photographs. Tourist accomodation, inns, tourist farms and information centres are marked on the map with icons.

The cycling map is available at the TIC in the entire destination and through the website at a standard price of 8.00 EUR.

You can order your copy of the cyclemap online. Payment is possible via Pay Pal service, the price of 8.00 EUR includes VAT and postage. After the payment is made, we will send the cycle map via post to your address.


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